We thought about the possibilities in two directions. Approaching it in a classical „UKF“ way, where planets are exploding and everything is dark and gritty.

This one is legit too, but we could go further.


This is how the first rough sketch came through. Modus making shockwaves and „breaking away“.

Then, there is another theme in the „breaking away“ message. Weird in its way, visually evoking traditional art of physical releases. We are shifting away from the traditional style of single releases of the DnB scene.


Skin blisters are just a different approach to visualise the energy/mutation of the body when the drop is nasty. Blisters are another interpretation of a melting face (bass/screwface).


Last experiment is more rough than the others where we played exclusively with the Modus logo and what we could do with its boundaries.


Thanks for watching.